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Center for Excellence Trade and Finance (CETF)

The Center for Excellence in Trade and Finance  combines topical expertise in the fields of public financial management, tax policy and administration, central banking and data and analysis for handholding start-ups in the field with a good grasp of leadership skills required to manage this vital area of economics. CEFTF provides handholding through innovative, participatory, and practical learning solutions. Experts knows how to nurture and deepen learning among individuals and institutions.

Another important focus of CETF activities is support to our member institutions in becoming knowledge hubs and learning organizations for entrepreneurial eco-system. This requires strengthening the enabling environment in the institution and the skills of the staff for high-quality knowledge sharing and learning.

By linking integrative trade and finance based innovative products which can serve a valuable role in helping the betterment of life in society, and decision makers can more effectively incorporate scientific and technological advances into their decision processes, CETF is committed to support new and innovative start-up.

The organization follows the reversal theory base approach in training the candidate systematically, in the employability training. Based on the years of experience, the following technical approach will be used in to implement Skill training the assignment in the area


CONCEPT CLASS OF A JOB OVERVIEW Concept delivery of work culture and standards in a job is trained by the Professional Soft Skill Trainer
PRACTICAL CLASSES OF A JOB TECHINCAL SKILL Correlation through practical applicability of the concept and theory for the job role by Industrial Skill Trainer
PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE BULIDING Market Approach & Pressure sustainability through Recruitment Drill by HRs & Psychometric Analysis
EMPLOYEE EXPOUSER Live experience through live project in association with the participating /associated companies
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